Choosing a Mediator and Why Choose Marvin

There are many mediators available for you to choose from.  Where I differentiate myself is by giving convenient and professional mediation services to my clients.

What should you look for when you choose a mediator?  The qualifications of a mediator should be where you start.  The best proxy for mediator quality is mediator training and experience as a mediator.  These are questions you should ask of every mediator:

  • How much experience does the mediator have (years and cases)?
  • What style of mediation does the mediator primarily use (facilitative, evaluative or transformative)?
  • Is mediation the primary business of the mediator?
  • How can the mediator help you achieve your goals?
  • Where did the mediator receive their training and what type of training was it?
  • Is the mediator accredited by a reputable organization?
  • Does the mediator practice in the subject area that you require (i.e. divorce vs. commercial)?
  • What is the mediator’s settlement rate?
  • Is the mediator a member of and active in professional mediation and conflict resolution groups?
  • Is the mediator listed on a court roster or other rosters?
  • Does the mediator have convenient hours and location(s)?

Beyond these items, you should also feel comfortable with the mediator on a personal level.  After all, this is a person you will be having frank conversations with and divulging personal information to.

Why use Sanns ADR and Marvin the Mediator?

  • He is an Accredited Professional Mediator as granted by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, the only statewide organization who accredits mediators.
  • Marvin has the highest quality of training, from New York University, Hofstra Law School and the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.
    • Training included supervised, hands-on mediation of real cases
  • The primary business of Sanns ADR Services is neutral services (mediation and arbitration). Marvin is a full-time neutral.
  • As a trainer, teacher and mentor, Marvin trains dozens of mediation students each year.
  • Marvin largely uses a facilitative style of mediation, but can adjust to other styles as each client requires
  • Marvin is a leader in the mediation community and actively involved in the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM) on many levels.
    • He presses mediator quality initiatives forward to improve the quality of all NJ mediators
  • Marvin is a member of the roster of mediators for Superior Court in NJ as well as for Storm Sandy insurance claim mediations.
  • Sanns and Marvin brings convenience to clients:
    • Mediations can be held at your office or mine
    • Offices located around the state and country — bringing the mediator to you
    • Accepting credit cards for flexible payments
    • Night and weekend hours available to work around your busy work and life schedule