Mediation Training

Sanns ADR Principal Marvin Schuldiner offers mediation training.  He is the Civil Mediation Training Director for the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, the largest group of mediators in the state.  If you are an individual seeking training towards a mediation career, please visit NJAPM’s website for information on training offerings for civil mediation and divorce mediation trainings and apprenticeships.

Contact Marvin if you are seeking negotiation training or customized mediation training for a larger group, such as:

  • Corporations
    • Human Resources (HR) Department
  • A University (resident assistants, department staff)
  • Peer mediation
    • Trains students and teachers schools to mediate student disputes
    • Students learn an important life skill in dispute resolution
    • Students who resolve their own disputes are less likely to repeat them (solutions that are agreed to are more likely to “stick” than ones imposed by school administration)
    • For use in elementary, middle and high schools and Universities
    • Appropriate for public schools, private schools and charter schools
    • Also offer program design