Team Building and Conflict Resolution

You assemble a team of two or more people to work together.  Or perhaps you inherited a dysfunctional team from a predecessor.  Despite your best intentions and plans, there is interpersonal strife on the team which limits the productivity of the team or even the entire company.  Some conflict is based out of interpersonal strife, others out of a negative history together yet other from competition (perceived or real).

Sanns ADR Principal Marvin Schuldiner is certified in Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP) assessments.  The CDP is a survey given to each team member that assesses how they respond to conflict — both constructive and destructive responses.  The survey also shows what each person’s hot buttons are.  Most people react subconsciously to conflict, so even destructive responses may not be on purpose.  A confidential and personal review of each person’s CDP assessment can help them recognize constructive and destructive behaviors, giving them the ability to better deal with trouble spots.  By doing this with an entire team, along with the use of facilitation and mediation skills, team dynamics should improve.