Negotiation Coaching and Assistance

Many things in life are resolved or agreed to through negotiation.  For instance, when you take a new job or buy a car, you often negotiate your salary, other terms of employment such as vacation time, or the price of a car.  However, many people find negotiating to be out of their comfort zone.  The United States does not have a strong culture of negotiating prices.  How often do you hear people complain of the car buying process?  Even some automobile manufacturers and dealers have gone to a “no haggle” sales model.

Further, some people who are comfortable with negotiating are not good negotiators.  Simply coming to a deal does not make you a good negotiator.  After all, anyone can conclude a deal by simply folding on their demands.

A mediator has to be a good negotiator to be effective.  After all, a mediation is a guided negotiation.  As such, I offer negotiation coaching and assistance services.  Whether you’re negotiating buying a car, real estate, terms of employment, or a multi-million dollar business deal, I can help you formulate a strategy or even sit in on the negotiations themselves.  Contact me to discuss your situation further.