Following up on the post about Binding Mediation, it seems that the mediator turned into an arbitrator and made his ruling.  Even though this turned into an arbitration from a mediation, all sides appeared to be very happy with the process and the outcome.  Both sides said the binding mediation process they entered after a one-day strike helped them arrive at almost identical positions in the end.

“Looking at the final results, I think we can assume that both parties bargained aggressively but fairly and that the mediator was very helpful to get them to the final agreement,” said IWK CEO Anne McGuire.

Union president Joan Jessome said the workers were pleased with the deal and the steps taken to reach it.  “They had faith in us when we went into this process that we would get them something better,” she said. “And we did. It’s brought us a long way to fairness and equity.”

In a news release Friday, Health Minister Chris d’Entremont thanked the parties and the mediator for their hard work.  “The government accepts the final outcome,” he said.

So, ADR does work even when it is called by the incorrect name.