How would you like this system of justice?  In India, the New Delhi High Court has an estimated 466 YEARS of backlog.  Yes, that’s years and it’s not a typo.  And that is the backlog on criminal cases alone.  The court handles all types of cases, including criminal and civil.

A recent report highlighted the problems the court is having.   The court has thousands of cases pending.  Over 600 of those cases have pending for over 20 years.  And it’s not just from being slow.  The average case is heard in four minutes and 55 seconds.  India simply does not have enough judges in their system.  India has 1.1 Billion people (with a B) and 11 judges per million people.  The US in contrast has 110 judges per million people.  The court also needs to work more hours per day (currently ringing in at 5.25 hours/day and 213 days/year).  Corruption also plays a part, which is pervasive in Indian society in general.