You don’t often think of boxing and mediation in the same thought, but here it is:

Top American boxing writer Michael Marley revealed a few minutes ago over at that Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank executives have just come out of the court-ordered mediation.

“The Manny Pacquaio Peace Talks, which began Saturday morning in Los Angeles with representatives of Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank sitting across the table from each other in a court-ordered mediation, seem to be making significant progress. So much so that TR and GBP agreed to resume their discussions on Monday morning,” reports Marley.

“Those close to the situation are saying that there has been some talk of the two giant promotional companies ‘sharing’ rights to Pacman bouts,” added Marley.

The report said mediation proceedings started at 9:30AM with a mediator “refereeing” then they took a lunch break, and then resumed with an afternoon session with concluded just before 6PM.

Marley was also able to get hold of Top Rank boss Bob Aru.

“I can’t talk right now,” Arum was quoted by Marley as saying, “but we are done for the day. Mediation will continue on Monday. That’s all I can say at this time.”