They’re back again.  One of my favorite blogging topics, the (former) judge and his $54 million pants lawsuit.  I’ve written before about Judge Roy Pearson’s lawsuit against a dry cleaner for losing a pair of pants.  As you will recall, he lost his pants, lawsuit (and was required to pay the legal costs of the cleaners) and then his job.  The dry cleaner also went out of business as a result of the suit.

Judge Pearson has appealed both his job dismissal as well as the decision of the court in the pants matter.  Now, a 3 judge panel has agreed to hear his appeal on the missing pants in a hearing next month.

Has this case ever been through mediation?  How a lost pair of pants turned into all of this is beyond me.  In many cases, what people are suing over isn’t the core dispute at hand.  Perhaps something else transpired which has now spiraled out of control?

Mediation couldn’t hurt.  I’ll make some time if the parties want me to get involved.  🙂