The saga of the $54 million lost pants lawsuit appears to finally be over.  As you will recall, a judge in DC sued a cleaner for $54 million for losing a pair of pants.  Roy Pearson subsequently lost the lawsuit and his job as a judge (in part due to the lawsuit).  Now his appeal has been denied.  Excerpted from the Legal Times:

The three-judge panel, consisting of Judges Noel Kramer and Phyllis Thompson and retired Judge Michael Farrell, ruled against Pearson on every argument he made at oral argument in October.

In the opinion, Kramer says Pearson’s argument that a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign is an unconditional and unlimited warrant of satisfaction has no basis and that when trial Judge Judith Bartnoff rejected that claim, it showed “basic common sense.”

Kramer’s opinion says Pearson “defies logic” by arguing that the “Same Day Service” sign that the Chungs had in their store was a false statement unless same-day service was always and automatically provided.

Pearson still has a lawsuit pending against the District of Columbia for not being re-appointed to his administrative law judgeship.