The Los Angeles Times has an intersting article here about a man who was injured on the ski slopes in Colorado and then sued the 8-year-old boy who he claims caused his dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff for the $75,000 in medical bills.

Some exerpts:

To many, last winter’s snowy run-in has become a symbol of excessive litigation.

The plaintiff, David J. Pfahler, and his wife left their home in Allentown, Pa., this holiday season because they were deluged with angry calls. “We’ve never seen this kind of attention to a case,” said Pfahler’s attorney, Jim Chalat. “If you’re skiing as Pfahler was, slowly and in control on an intermediate slope, and a 7-, 8-, 9-year-old comes bombing down and crashes into you, the child has a technical responsibility to you.”

The young skier’s parents, Susan and Robb Swimm, are happy the public shares their outrage. “People are really angry about this, and they should be,” she said. “What kind of a message are we sending to our children if we’re just going to turn around and sue after an accident on a ski slope?”