This article shows just how misunderstood mediation is.  In this article excerpt from the Post-Tribune, the reporter indicates that the mediator is to decide the fate of this dispute.  This is not the role of the mediator.  The mediator helps the party hash out the issues, risks, outcomes, etc.

Mediator may resolve parking spat

December 28, 2006

George Borovilos is getting his parking spaces back, but it’s up to a mediator and possibly the courts to decide how many and for how long.

Borovilos, co-owner of the Broadway Cafe in Valparaiso, said a demolition fence that Valparaiso University put up a couple of weeks ago cut off parking spaces at his restaurant at U.S. 30 near Sturdy Road.

“I didn’t have enough parking,” Borovilos said. “I was losing too much business.”