If you are a New York Knicks fan, you are no doubt aware of the battle and lawsuit between Madison Square Garden and NY Knicks owner James Dolan and former Knicks star Charles Oakley. Oakley was a regular at Knicks games until he and Dolan got into a tiff and Oakley was thrown out of a game by MSG security. A federal lawsuit followed and here we are.

A judge dismissed Oakley’s lawsuit and he has appealed. Before hearing his appeal, the court required both parties to sit down and mediate their differences. This is a case where the dispute is largely interpersonal and not monetary at its core (though in our court system, the remedy is often money).

Further complicating matters, Dolan has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Pandemics and life-threatening diseases have a way of changing people’s priorities in life. Perhaps a confidential mediation between these two can help mend the rift.

If you have a dispute you are now seeing in a different light and want to mediate it, please contact me. I’ve been doing my recent mediations by phone or video conference.