There are numerous sexual abuse cases running through the court system against the Catholic Church.  Mediation has helped resolve a number of them, including several cases in Denver.  One of the defendants who settled was quoted as saying:  “I was quite surprised to see the archbishop there himself, which meant a lot.”

Settlements aren’t only about the money.  Sometimes, people are simply looking for respect or acknowledgement of wrongdoing.  By showing up, the archbishop helped healing and a settlement.

There was a fatal airplane crash in Japan a number of years ago.  The Chairman of the airline personally called the families of each of the survivors and apologized.  Not a single lawsuit was filed.  Studies have shown that medical malpractice suits would nearly disappear if the doctor would simply admit the mistake.

So many corporations and people think that by not speaking to the victims of their wrongdoings (even if accidental) is the wrong thing to do.  Showing up and apologizing goes a long way.”